Discover the Benefits of Our Wellness Membership Packages

For your convenience, you may print the FORMS below and have all your membership paperwork completed before coming in!

Membership Contract Form.pdf
Direct Debit Form.pdf
24-7 Access Agreement.pdf
24-7 Pamphlet.pdf
Wellness Center Pamphlet.pdf


Membership Options:

Student, single, couple, family, senior, senior couple, walking, and walking couple. 
– Student memberships are available until age 17, or age 22 if enrolled in college.
– Senior memberships are available at age 62.
– Fourth grade and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when at the facility.
– You must be in at least 7th grade to use machines and exercise equipment at the Wellness Center.

Monthly Memberships:

No Long-Term Commitment!
This membership includes all the wonderful amenities the Waukon Wellness Center has to offer.

Student: $45.00 per month
Single: $65.00 per month
Couple: $75.00 per month
Family: $85.00 per month
Senior: $55.00 per month
Senior Couple: $65.00 per month
Walking: $35.00 per month
Walking Couple: $50.00 per month

Yearly Memberships:

This Membership Is Available Only With a Signed One-year Contract

Direct DebitPaid in Full
Senior Couple$45.00$495.00
Walking Couple$35.00$385.00

Fitplus Memberships:

This Membership Is Available Only With a Signed One-Year Contract

Also included are all the wonderful amenities of the Waukon Wellness Center, ALL group exercise classes, and FREE babysitting (ages 1-8 years).

Direct DebitPaid in Full
Senior Couple$60.00$660.00
Walking Couple$50.00$550.00

Additional Passes:

These Passes Can Be Bought at Any Time and Offer No Long-Term Obligation:    – Adult 10 Punch Pass: $63.00 per pass, no expiration date, transferable to any adult    – Student 10 Punch Pass: $36.00 per pass, no expiration date, transferable to any Student     – Adult Day Pass: $7.00 per day, visit as many times as you want    – Student Day Pass: $4.00 per day, visit as many times as you want, 5-17 years, or 22 years if in college   – 4 yrs. and under Free

Business Discounts:

Discounted memberships are available to any business that has 5 or more employees as members.

Please ask at the service desk for more information.

Group Exercise Classes

No Sign-Up Is Necessary  – Feel free to drop into any class and pay the one-time fee or pay for multiple classes at one time.  – FitPLUS Membership includes FREE classes and Daycare.   – Classes run in approximately twelve-week sessions and are subject to change due to instructor substitutions, attendance, and participant’s requests.    – Youth 10-12 years old can attend group exercise classes with a parent. Anyone 13 years and older can attend classes without parental supervision (depending on the instructor’s preference).   – $4/class Members   – $8/class Nonmembers

Daycare Room:

Ages 12 Months-8 Years     – Open Monday-Friday from 3:30 pm-7:00 pm     -Daycare is INCLUDED in a FitPlus Membership     –  Parent must not leave the building while the child is in daycare      – There is a 2-hour maximum per day     – Parents will be asked to take care of the child’s restroom needs       – Cost: $4.00/child/hour (with a $2 minimum)      – Babysitting Punch Card (10 Punches): $36.00